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Stuart Rader is a Florida Supreme Court-certified circuit court mediator, and mediates trust and estate disputes. Mediation is an informal and expeditious way to resolve disputes that avoids costly litigation and the associated uncertainty of outcome. Most trust and estate disputes involve members of families fighting over the division of wealth following the death of a loved one. Stuart’s experience as a practicing attorney for over 35 years focused on trusts and estates provides a strong foundation for being an effective mediator of family wealth transfer disputes. He understands that listening to the family members’ expressions of their emotions is an integral part of the mediation process and often a prerequisite to a successful mediation. Stuart mediates all types of trust and estate disputes, including:

  • Will contests
  • Trust contests
  • Removing a trustee or personal representative
  • Accounting disputes
  • Suitability of investments
  • Breach of fiduciary duty

Stuart has received court appointments from probate judges to act as an independent fiduciary in disputed estate, trust and guardianship matters. Often these court appointments are based upon recommendations from the attorneys involved in the litigation. Over the past few years, probate judges have appointed Stuart as:

  • Guardian
  • Trustee
  • Curator
  • Personal representative

Receiving these types of appointments is an honor and an expression of respect for Mr. Rader’s ability and integrity from the probate judges and fellow attorneys.