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Current Florida Domicile Checklist

  1. Complete and record Affidavit/Declaration of Domicile as Florida in the county where reside in Florida;
  2. Obtaining a Florida driver’s license;
  3. Registering motor vehicles in Florida and insuring vehicles in Florida:
  4. Obtaining a Florida voter registration card;
  5. Completing Florida homestead application with the Property Appraiser in the county where reside;
  6. Filing federal income tax return with Florida address;
  7. Maintaining all brokerage accounts, bank accounts, money market accounts in Florida or in the alternative, forwarded to the Florida homestead all year;
  8. Receiving all social security, pension, or other periodic benefit payments at the Florida homestead;
  9. Actually reside in Florida and not residing in prior home state at least six months per year;
  10. Have estate plan documents prepared by Florida legal counsel, such as Last Will, Living Will, Health Care Surrogate, Living-trust or similar documents;
  11. Join religious and/or charitable organizations in Florida;
  12. List Florida address as your home on all applications and documents with third parties;
  13. File non-resident income tax returns with your prior home state, if required;
  14. All insurance policies, life, health, property, auto, boat, umbrella, long term health, disability, etc. should be endorsed to reflect the Florida address, and should be written or serviced by Florida agents; and
  15. Do not keep “near and dear” items such as wedding photo albums, expensive art pieces, family mementos, etc., in a residence outside of Florida.

This is a general checklist, but it should not be relied upon solely without discussing your individual situation with competent legal counsel.

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